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    Spriteley User Tokens

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    Spriteley User Tokens

    What are Spriteley User Tokens?

    Spriteley User Tokens (SUT) are eco friendly NFT’s minted on the Solana blockchain which allow their holder to receive ongoing weekly compensation just for owning them! Here’s how it works:

    In the Spriteley virtual world, User coin is generated when users partake in activities that contribute to the sustainability and well being of the platform, this could be anything from platform moderation to simply interacting with those around you.

    Once the User Coins are generated, we distribute most of it right back to the users creating the value! Then the remaining amount is distributed to token holders following this simple method:

    Any wallet that holds a user token is entitled to ongoing weekly deposits in User Coin equivalent to the average weekly User Coin generated per user.

    That means, if the average amount of User Coin per Spriteley user next week was 10UC then you would earn 10UC for every SUT you hold in your wallet!

    Further, as a special thank you for supporting Spriteley, SUT owners are also granted the following exclusive perks:

    When will User Coin Start to be Distributed to Spriteley User Token holders?

    Beginning to distribute value back to SUT holders is among our top priorities! It is an intrinsic feature of Spriteley and we plan to start paying out User Coin as soon as possible.

    Our team is working hard to release the first version of Spriteley to your phones. The best thing you can do to ensure that we are able to start distributing User Coin back to our community is support our user funded platform through the purchase of Spriteley User Tokens!

    Spriteley will be available for download this August and we estimate that we will begin distributing User Coin in December of 2022!

    Our current short term roadmap for Spriteley Season 1 (S1.x)  is as follows:


    Among other factors, the value of the SUTs was determined by taking into account the average annual revenue per user that is earned by social media platforms today, the scope of the Spriteley vision and a price point that allows as many potential users to participate as possible.

    For more information, please reference our white paper, Sustainable Software Economies

    Diversity and Equality

    Spriteley is offering the SUTs in order to build out its vision with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and equality. The best way to ensure a diverse and equitable system in the future is to start with one today. The most diverse and inclusive source of funding for Spriteley is the NFT community. This makes offering the SUTs in the form of publicly available NFTs the best choice in order to foster a diverse and sustainable platform from its inception.

    According to recent survey results, the age group with the largest interest in NFTs is people 18 to 34 years old. In that group, participation is rather fairly distributed across gender, with 24% of men and 21% of women owning NFTs. Distribution across income levels is also fairly balanced, with those earning less than $25,000 annually investing in NFTs equally with those earning more than $150,000 annually.

    Furthermore, a recent insight report reveals that ethnicity is much more balanced for NFT investment than other traditional investment paths. In the report, African Americans accounted for 21% of those who owned NFTs. Hispanics accounted for 20%. Only 13% of white people have invested in NFTs. According to traditional investor demographics, white ethnicities make up 73.2% of all investors. Only 10.5% of investors are of the Hispanic or Latino ethnicity, and only 8.7% are of the Black or African American ethnicity.

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